Review on Coursera Specialization: Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud

Overview I recently finished the Coursera Specialization program - Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud which contains seven courses:

Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithm Complixity description order of growth description example constant 1 statement add two numbers logarithmic logN divide in half binary search linear N loop find the maximum linearithmic NlogN divide and conquer mergesort quadratic N^2 double loop check all pairs cubic N^3 triple loop check all triples exponential 2^N exhasutive search chech all subsets Sorting Sorting is the process of rearranging a sequence of objects so as to put them in some logical order.

Book Review: The Phoenix Project

This is an amazing book, I recommend it. But when I started the book, after reading the first 20 pages, I wanted to stop reading.

Reading Books List

This is a list of books which I want to read this year.

From Senior Developer to Manager

I have been working as a Senior Software Developer for 3 years, participated in creating digital products for a telecommunication company and one neo digital bank.